Indoor Cultivation Facility

3 Keys to your Ultimate Integrated Bioburden Management (IBM) Program

  • Keep your surfaces clean

    Thorough and effective cleaning and disinfection are fundamental aspects of an IBM program. This includes implementing proper cleaning protocols and using appropriate disinfectants to eliminate or reduce the microbial load on surfaces and equipment. It's important to select disinfectants that are effective against the specific types of microorganisms present in the environment.

  • Keeping your air sanitized

    A comprehensive risk assessment is essential for identifying potential sources of contamination and determining critical control points in the environment.

  • Reduction of contamination sources

    Regular monitoring and sampling of surfaces, air, water, and other relevant areas should be performed to detect and measure the bioburden levels. This data can guide decision-making, validate the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection procedures, and facilitate proactive measures to prevent contamination.