Delete Account

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions wants it to be easy to control your data. We collect your email address, first and last name and a zip code when creating a new Filtr mobile account. This information is for identification purposes only and we do not share this information with any of our partners.

Upon account deletion we immediately delete all personal data associated with your account from our production environment (email, first and last name and zip code). Some data may be required to be kept for longer due to legal obligations or data archiving requirements. We will only retain this data for the minimum required period and we do not share this information with any of our partners.

There are two ways to delete your account:

  • Login to your account and navigate to the profile page, then click the “Delete Account” button
  • Request that we delete your account using the form below – make sure to provide the email address used to create your account 

Using the Filtr mobile app is the easiest way to delete your account and associated personal data and will be processed instantly. If you choose to use the form below it will take longer for us to process your request, and verify you made the request to delete your account. When possible we would advise using the Filtr mobile app to delete your account to avoid possible delays.