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Filtr was started by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions. Founded in 1982, Lighthouse manufactures equipment that monitors cleanrooms in top industries like Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Medical Instruments, Government Projects, Aerospace, and many more. The company also provides expert-level knowledge at various conferences covering subjects related to EU-GMP, ISO standards, FDA regulations, and many more contamination control topics.


Safe and Clean Air

Revolution has a Removal Efficiency of 99.78% at 0.023 micron.


Science vs. Gimmicks

Other Air Purification companies claim they work in large rooms without specifying the amount of air being changed in a room. Filtr's Revolution was built to accommodate to large spaces with ease.

Hope 220

No Strings Attached, We're American-Made

Hope 220 is certified by NIOSH and manufactured in the USA

Hope 220

Larger Surface Area = Easier to Breathe

Due to its large surface area, the Hope 220 allows more air to pass through, making it easier to breathe.

We are your Solution

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Indoor Agriculture

Government Agencies

Education Facilities

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