Wildfire, Smoke, and Air Purifiers


Wildfire, Smoke, and Air Purifiers

Posted by Nabi White on 07/08/2021



It’s hot, it’s dry, it’s wildfire season. Wildfires mean smoke, which, as you probably know, can have some serious adverse effects on health. Inhaling smoke caused by wildfires can be detrimental and cause long-term damage to your lungs. If you live in an area where wildfires occur, you must utilize a professional air purifier to help remove harmful particles caused by smoke.

The Effects of Wildfire Smoke on Health
When wood and other organic materials burn, they release a mixture of gases and fine particles that we commonly know as smoke. It is these fine particles in smoke that pose the greatest threat to health. It’s all too easy to breathe in these microscopic particles, causing damage to the body. Chronic heart and lung diseases can be made worse by these irritants, and other side effects range from burning eyes and runny noses to the exasperation of other health conditions. In fact, premature death has even been linked to particle pollution as fine particle over time pass the lung/oxygen delivery interface, and aggregate within our circulatory system. Sadly, with increasing numbers of wildfires raging across the United States every year, it’s estimated that deaths from inhalation of wildfire smoke could rise to 40,000 annually by the end of the 21st century.

If you live in an area where there is a risk of smoke inhalation from wildfires, keeping up to date with air quality is especially important, particularly if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Remember, some people are particularly sensitive to smoke or are at higher risk of negative side effects. Such individuals include:
•People who suffer from heart or lung problems, for example, those with heart failure, angina, ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or asthma.
•Elderly individuals.
•Children or teenagers with developing respiratory systems breathe more air (and air pollution) per pound of bodyweight than adults. They spend more time outdoors, and they are more likely to have asthma. Thus, they’re highly at risk.
•Those with diabetes, since there is a higher risk of heart problems within this population.
•Pregnant women should refrain from putting themselves at any risk of smoke inhalation, as there could be severe adverse effects on the unborn fetus.

But smoke doesn’t just affect those who are outdoors a lot, high-risk populations, or people with underlying conditions, it can penetrate into the home, causing anyone to inhale it even when they may think they’re safe. Smoke from wildfires can cause a range of symptoms. Here are some ways you can tell if smoke is affecting you:
•Experiencing burning eyes, a cough, phlegm, a congested and runny nose, wheezing, or difficulty breathing.
•The worsening of chronic illness symptoms, particularly in those with heart and lung disease.
•Those with heart problems might experience chest pain, difficulty catching their breath, heart palpitations, or fatigue.
•Those suffering from lung disease may have increased difficulties breathing and may also experience other symptoms, including coughing, pain or discomfort in the chest, wheezing, and phlegm build-up.

Symptoms may range from mild to severe, but experiencing any symptoms at all can potentially be risky and lead to worse health problems, particularly if nothing is done and you continue to inhale smoke. So, what’s the best way to prevent symptoms and protect yourself from wildfire smoke?

A High-Quality Air Purifier Can Keep You Protected From Smoke Inhalation
When it comes to keeping yourself and others safe and protected from wildfire smoke, there’s no better solution than a good air purifier. A high-quality, top-of-the-line air purifier like the Filtr Revolution can remove smoke, nanoparticles, and chemicals from the air. Using a cleanroom-grade HEPA filter and a 3-stage air restoration process, the FILTR Revolution works wonders for ensuring the air you breathe is free from harmful smoke particles. Remember, not all air purifiers can remove smoke particles and chemicals from the air, so the air purifier you choose must be up to the job.


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