Where To Place an Air Purifier


Where To Place an Air Purifier

Posted by Nabi White on 06/25/2021

If you own an air purifier, you may not realize that where you choose to place it can actually have a huge effect on how efficiently it works. But how do you know where the optimal place to put your air purifier is?

Where is The Best Place To Put an Air Purifier?

In order to determine where you should place your air purifier, we need to look at a couple of different factors. Firstly, the concentration of pollutants. And secondly, the air flow in the room where the air purifier is located.

Put Your Air Purifier Near The Highest Concentration of Pollutants
It is advisable to place air purifiers in areas where pollutants are most concentrated. To measure where pollutants are abundant, an air quality specialist would usually use an air quality monitor. Air purifiers improve indoor air quality quickly when placed near problem areas (with lower indoor air quality).

Place Your Air Purifier Where There Is Good Airflow
A good air purifier will clean the air faster if it has plenty of air to work with. Air purifiers should be placed near windows, near doorways, and especially near walls where air travels. Larger pollutants are also found in moving air. Dust, mold spores, and other contaminants can be lifted into the air by moving air. It’s also beneficial to capture outdoor air pollutants near entry points, like front doors or open windows, to prevent them from dispersed throughout our home.

Don’t Put Your Air Purifier In a Corner
There’s a cardinal rule to air purifier placement: air purifiers should not be placed in corners. Here, airflow is at its lowest point. You can prevent an air purifier from effectively purifying the air by placing it in a corner. In corners, the airflow is limited, and so your air purifier will be rendered more ineffective and unable to work to its full ability.

Keep Your Air Purifier Away From Obstacles
If you want unimpeded airflow, you need to ensure that your air purifier is kept away from obstacles. Many people feel tempted to place their air purifier behind objects such as a TV to hide it from view, but resist this temptation because you will reduce its effectiveness.

Avoid Putting Your Air Purifier Near Electronic Devices
Keeping your air purifier near to other electronic devices can actually end up being harmful to the purifier. There is the chance that placement near electronic devices can cause interference that may potentially affect your air purifier and prevent it from working properly.

Even though many people own air purifiers, very few are actually aware of how much of an effect incorrect placement can have on functionality. For this reason, follow these tips to ensure you place your air purifier in a place where it will be able to work as you expect and keep your air as clean and fresh as possible.


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