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HAIs (healthcare-associated infections): Infections that patients get while receiving treatment for another condition at a healthcare facility.

Public Health England

“Over 4 million people in Europe get a healthcare-associated infection (HAI) every year, and around 37,000 die as a direct result of the infection.”

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

The top 5 of 80% of all healthcare-associated infections were:
1. Pneumonia and other respiratory infections (22.8%)
2. Urinary tract infections (17.2%)
3. Surgical site infections (15.7%)
4. clinical sepsis (10.5%)
5. gastrointestinal infections (8.8%).”

Have a Proactive Protection Plan in Place

Air Purification System

  • Reduce hospital / healthcare-acquired infections.
  • Provide a healthy environment with clean air.
  • Noise-reducing design preventing disturbances between doctor and patient visits.

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Filtr is a company of contamination control experts. We understand what is important in order to keep your patients and staff safe. We can guide you through the best options to keep your facility protected with expert consultation, air purification systems, PPE, and particle measurement equipment.

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