Safety Preparation for Smoke Season


Safety Preparation for Smoke Season

Posted by Nabi White on 07/30/2021

Each year, wildfires pose a huge threat to neighborhoods around the country. For those that live in regions with the potential for wildfire outbreaks, making sure preparations are taken ahead of time can be extremely beneficial. It’s not only important to think about the structure of a home, but also those that reside inside. Wildfires create such severe smoky conditions it can be detrimental to those with chronic health conditions, as well as higher risk groups such as children and the elderly. Here are some tips and tricks on how to prepare in case of a wildfire, and what should be done if one occurs.

Before a Wildfire Becomes a Threat

  1. Take some time to look over the areas in and around your home. Be sure to:
  2. Clear any leaves or other types of debris that may be in areas such as the deck, gutters, or porches. This can help to prevent any embers from igniting areas of your home.
  3. Remove all flammable materials that you may have around your home such as firewood or propane takes. These items should be removed from garage or shed areas as well.
  4. Inspect your roof. Look for any loose tiles or shingles that may need repair. Replace or repair them immediately.
  5. Ensure your lawn is well hydrated. A brown lawn can ignite quickly in a wildfire.
  6. Cover all exterior vents on your house with a metal wire mesh. This will help to prevent any sparks from entering your home.
  7. Do some weeding and remove any dead plants or vegetation from around your home.
  8. Test the smoke detectors in your home and replace all the batteries with new ones
  9. Purchase n95 masks for your family should you have to evacuate through smoky conditions
  10. Use A Medical Grade Air Purifier: You should always run an air purifier to ensure you are breathing clean air. This is especially true during a wildfire, as polluted air is constantly entering the room through ventilation or poorly sealed windows. Not all filters are made equally, so make sure you choose the right filter for you. The Filtr Revolution, with its HEPA filter, is the ideal purifier to keep you healthy. The HEPA filter helps the Filtr Revolution to remove smoke, nanoparticles, and chemicals from the air. With a 4-stage air restoration process, the Filtr Revolution works wonders for ensuring the air you breathe is free from harmful smoke particles.

Developing Your Family’s Emergency Plan

  1. Put together a supply kit and place it in a safe location that everyone knows. Remember you should include any important documents, identification, or medications you may need in an emergency.
  2. Create a clean room in your home where your family can stay indoors until it is time to evacuate. This cleanroom should be free of all dust, debris, and other indoor air pollutants
  3. Avoid any activities that will further pollute the air indoors such as burning candles, using the fireplace, or even using the vacuum unless you have a high-performance HEPA vacuum cleaner. These activities can become additional sources of indoor air pollution in your home.
  4. Create an emergency evacuation plan for your family and make sure you practice it with everyone.
  5. Plan out two set locations within your neighborhood as your designated meeting location.

If the worst happens and a wildfire erupts and threatens your home, you want to remember to remain calm. Ensuring you have developed an emergency plan, as well as took precautions to prepare ahead of time can really make the difference when time is of the essence. Here’s what to do if a wildfire breaks out:

  1. Stay up to date on the latest news in your area from the media as well as your local emergency services.
  2. Gather your family and pets and prepare for an evacuation from your home.
  3. Close the openings to your home including basement doors, windows, garage doors, etc. to prevent any embers from getting into your home.
  4. Fill pools, hot tubs, bathtubs, garbage cans or large containers with water. These may come in handy for firefighters if the fire gets out of control. Ensure your garden hose is connected as well.
  5. Leave and evacuate when you are told to do so. Do not linger and stay behind, this can be deadly to you and your family. Prompt evacuation can clear the roads for emergency services when it is time.

One of the biggest things that many people fail to realize is that the air you breathe indoors can also be harmful. Poor-quality indoor air, especially in times of stress, such as a wildfire outbreak can contribute to many symptoms. These symptoms may include:

  1. Coughing
  2. Wheezing
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Watery or irritated eyes
  5. Dizziness and headaches
  6. Fatigue
  7. Respiratory distress

What’s even worse is when you or your loved one suffers from a chronic condition. Take control of your home, your family, and your life and ensure the air inside is clean, safe, and fresh. The best way you can do this is to use high-quality air purifiers with a HEPA filter, and other products that help to reduce indoor air pollution.



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