Remove the Particle, Remove the Threat


Remove the Particle, Remove the Threat

Posted by Nabi White on 06/18/2021

Climate control is essential for keeping indoor spaces comfortable for those who work or visit those areas. In fact, because it was so novel at the time, Air Conditioning was a prominently displayed outside as a huge selling point for movie theaters in the earlier part of the 20th century as a way to escape the heat. With indoor climate control more commonplace these days, the focus has shifted from keeping a room cool, to keep a room cool and safe for those inside it.

Within modern HVAC systems resides a filter cartridge that is designed to strain particulates out of the air such as mold, dust, pollen. Since the Pandemic, the need for air filtration increased dramatically with the need to filter out respirable water droplets and dust particles that were potential carriers of COVID-19. Other types of environments depend on that filtration to reduce product failures or to prevent adulteration within a manufacturing process. With currently installed climate-controlled systems that may have filtration needs not begin served by currently installed systems, the intuitive answer would be to simply install a better quality filter cartridge that captures down to the particle sizes your space requires. Unfortunately, therein lies a trade-off; With a currently installed system, there becomes a limit where

A. Heavier duty filtration cartridges can require the HVAC mechanics to work harder in order to push the same volume of air through thus lowering climate control capability and potentially damaging the entire system, or
B. Installing a heavier duty air filter cartridge will require more frequent and costly filter changes which, if ignored or not changed in accordance to how quickly they become clogged, will feed into problem A.

Short of purpose-built HVAC systems designed for heavy duty, ultra-fine particle filtration like those found in cleanrooms that allow for heavier duty air filtration, what if there was a way to prevent altering your filter cartridge quality and the maintenance schedule that requires, by simply solving the particle problem within the room?

Well, you’re in luck! The process that air filtration utilizes to keep indoor zones safe from harmful particles is actually quite simple. Filtration is effective through a process called “capture and removal”, meaning you simply need to remove the particle from the space. If you remove the problem, you have then inoculated the threat. This is where FILTR would come in play! FILTR is a self-contained air filtration system that allows your current HVAC infrastructure to remain undisturbed to focus on climate control you already enjoy, while our HEPA-grade air purification does the work of filtering harmful particles out of the air. Again, you only need to capture and remove the particle, which is far easier to accomplish and is immediately testable compared to other technologies that claim to “kill” or eradicate the problem from existence. At the microscopic scale, the latter is a much bolder claim but exceedingly difficult to achieve and validate. With a HEPA unit such as Filtr Revolution operating within your indoor spaces, the air is aggressively recirculated and as such not only delivers measurably cleaner air to the space, but that cleaner air is taken in through your HVAC returns freeing you from the reliance on an HVAC unit that was previously installed for more comfort than health needs.

Modern HVAC systems have been a wonderful development in making our indoor worlds more comfortable, however the current needs put upon these systems have transitioned to also include a health aspect to their deployment. In fact, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel in light of the increased importance of removing airborne particles, the proof of concept is already built into the unit you’re currently utilizing. Filtr Revolution simply takes that concept of capturing and removing a particle, focuses on that newly needed particle layer of indoor climate control, and applies the same process in a way that is more specialized, effective, and can withstand the mechanical rigors of accomplishing that. The result to you, the end-user, can breathe easier AND safer knowing you have specialized particle filtration for your specific area or room.


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