Protecting to Patient and the Heroic Medical Professionals on the Front Line


Protecting to Patient and the Heroic Medical Professionals on the Front Line

Posted by Nabi White on 12/23/2020

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, one of the often-overlooked aspects of a systematic response is the health and well-being of our heroic medical professionals on the front lines. Interfacing with patients at the risk of their own personal safety as well as that of their families, doctors and nurses work tirelessly, never looking up at the clock to care for those in need while scientists’ race to find a vaccine. The continual exposure to disease, coupled with the running down of their own physical well-being makes them highly susceptible to contract COVID-19 themselves, despite all of the pre-pandemic, well-established, and proven cleaning, gowning, and aseptic techniques.

With COVID-19 in particular transmitted through air droplets produced by a lack of patient cough and sneezing etiquette, combined with the sheer volume of patients they interact with, current hospital HVAC airborne particulate filtration systems are in danger of becoming overwhelmed with the bioburden they could otherwise handle under normal conditions, making supplemental air filtration all the more important to protect not just the patients, but if not, more importantly, the Healthcare industry works through aggressive preventative measures.

Thanks to the same engineering principles used to design airborne particulate filtration for FDA and EPA-compliant cleanroom environments across Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Medical Device Manufacturing, and Semiconductor industries, FILTR by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions delivers the help that’s needed when it’s needed…now. Utilizing our proprietary Ultra-HEPA design, FILTR screens 99.5% of .001 micron particles on its first pass, essential for screening a .126 micron virus, delivering a crucial stopgap to the airborne air quality needs of pandemic-related patients and their on-site care providers. FILTR’s Bipolar Ionization option furthers your prevention solutions with Ozone-free negative ions that eliminate airborne and surface pathogens, creating safer clinical environment overtime for all.

With solutions to keep patients safe, and more importantly to keep medical professionals safe from exposure to those they are trying to help, FILTR is the solution to supplement the safety of EVERYONE involved at the speed of need, and with that, the system of care can continue unimpeded with all hands on deck to fight the good fight.


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