Indoor Cultivation Facilities

Protect your Crops & Mitigate Risk of Airborne Contaminants

A Risk Management Approach
to Reduce Microbial Testing Failure


Bridging the Gap Between
Pharmaceutical Practices & Indoor Cultivation Facilities


Pharmaceutical facilities for decades have perfected standard operating procedures for the production of their products. Regulation has been increasing for indoor grow facilities as the technology and resources are becoming more available. Get ahead and start implementing best practices for your environment.

Examples of Topics for Good Manufacturing Practices:
  • Gowning procedures
  • Diagnostics & sampling
  • Understanding cross contamination
  • Best practices for hygiene.
  • Understanding the importance of SOP’s
  • and more...

Expert-Level Knowledge on Contamination Control
Our Free Webinars Provide the Necessary Insight to Future Proof your Business


Have a Proactive Protection Plan in Place

Air Purification System

  • Minimize unwanted airborne contaminates such as powdery mildew, mold, yeast and particulate matter.
  • Increase product quality & yield.
  • Your easy warning system before an outbreak.
  • Integrates into your facility’s build process

35+ Years of Contamination Control Expertise


Serving pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and many others, Filtr by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions understand what is important in order to keep your crops safe. We can guide you through the best options with expert-level consultation, an air purification system and microbial & non-viable particle measuring equipment.


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