How Air Purifiers Can Be Your Add-On this Spring to Eliminate Seasonal Allergies


How Air Purifiers Can Be Your Add-On this Spring to Eliminate Seasonal Allergies

Posted by Nabi White on 05/14/2021

If you suffer from irritating Spring-time allergies, you’ve probably tried every solution out there. Or, at least you might think that you have. Allergies are annoying at the very least, and for others seasonal allergies can often be so severe they have a noticeable and negative affect on our overall quality of life. If you’re a victim of allergies, an alternative solution to shots and pills may lie in purpose-built devices to improve the quality of your indoor air. If you reduce the airborne allergens, there’s not really much left in the air to be allergic to!

What Are Seasonal Allergies?
Seasonal allergies, just like other allergies, are caused when our immune systems over-react to something we come into contact with. The Spring-time overabundance of airborne pollen becomes the main culprit as nature begins to revitalize and repopulate after its annual Winter slumber.

Lasting from February through most of the Summer, people who suffer from allergies have to deal with a whole host of uncomfortable and irritating symptoms. Seasonal pollination for those in even mild climates can often have you reaching for the tissue box, and it only gets worse for those living in more tropical and arid conditions. Certain areas of the country may have local plants operating in their pollination stages for longer, or their reproductive processes may begin earlier.

While time of year is certainly a factor in the onset of seasonal allergens, bear in mind certain local plant life can produce higher volumes of allergens than others. Examples of more prolific species such as burning bush, pigweed, tumbleweed, sagebrush, and cocklebur produce higher volumes of pollen in their attempt to retake the area from Winter. In fact, honorable mention to Ragweed as a high-volume allergen producer, famously found almost everywhere, and with a later reproductive start running from August to November, is the grand finale for allergy sufferers before we return the colder part of the year.

Unfortunately, the news doesn’t get any better. On top of the typical symptoms we experience due to seasonal allergies and as such the overworking of our immune system to process them, many are left still further vulnerable to actual and genuine health dangers. As the annual revitalization of local plant life triggers our immune systems to fight superficial plant irritants, mold spores that also thrive and reproduce in warmer conditions, as well as bacteria and virus hitching a ride on airborne dust, mold, and pollen, can lead to diagnosable illnesses such as influenza, your common cold, and in extreme cases respiratory infections. Particularly for those who are more often prone to getting sick, or those diagnosed with compromised immune systems, something must be done to prevent those irritants that open the door for more serious medical conditions.

How Air Purifiers can be your add-on this Spring to eliminate seasonal allergies.
While the stand-by treatments such as injections and over-the-counter medications provide minor, temporary relief of symptoms, they clearly don’t address the cause—a seasonally high volume of airborne particles that overwhelm our bodies. To help eliminate that problem would be to remediate them out of your indoor air. In fact, how amazing would it be if your indoor air could have the same level of cleanliness found in the very facilities that manufacture your shots and medications? Thanks to the Engineers and Filtr, now you can! The Filtr Revolution provides the same cleanroom-grade H13 HEPA air filtration, but in a quiet and portable unit that not only removes 99.995% over time, but can remove 80-90% of .2-10 micron particles in the first hour of operation. If the science doesn’t dazzle you, how does the thought of feeling clear and breathing easy in the first 60 minutes, with your air only getting cleaner from there?! What’s more, if feeling liberated from captured and removed allergens doesn’t entice you, rest assured that Filtr Revolution provides additional allergen support with supplemental, ozone-free bipolar ionization that proactively eliminates smaller particles, and bunches onto larger ones to pull them out of typical breathing height.

Seasonal allergies are aggressive, exhausting to suffer through and treat, and can lead to bigger health problems no one wants to deal with. Suffering through all of that has now become a choice as the technology is here, Filtr Revolution provides it, and with that, you can enjoy the benefits of breathing easier and the freedom that comes from taking back control of your indoor environment.


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