How Air purification system in a doctor’s office may stop the spread of disease in healthcare facility?


How Air purification system in a doctor’s office may stop the spread of disease in healthcare facility?

Posted by Nabi White on 12/23/2020

Many have waxed humorous in the past that, “if you want to get sick, go hang out in a Doctor’s office”, with the humor in that statement previously based on whatever you could contract having some sort of cure or way to fight it off. In the COVID climate, we’ve been made keenly aware that expulsion of aerosolized water droplets as a vector of transmission for airborne pathogens has created the need to be hyperaware of formerly benign indoor settings now becoming potentially dangerous environments. Video conferencing our doctor’s appointments wherever we can is a great way to reduce transmission dangers, unfortunately physical appoints are still sometimes the best or only option. Your average doctor’s office has a waiting room area where patients congregate as they come and go, exam rooms that are usually tightly configured often having two or more people in them multiple times a day, and the average doctor’s office HVAC system is usually not purpose-built with removing viral pathogens in mind. It’s this randomness of patient traffic, patients and staff moving about within the office, and all of that with no environmental-level protection from dangers within the air volume that make supplemental air filtration the easiest option to capture and remove airborne dangers. By addressing the specific problem of removing potentially pathogen-rich aerosolized water droplets and dust particles that can have an astounding hang time and travel along the even the lightest of air currents, the places you expect to get better don’t have to be places where one can potentially contract something that would, as we used to joke about, be a mere inconvenience.

Thanks to the same engineering principles used to design airborne particulate filtration for FDA and EPA-compliant cleanroom environments across Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Medical Device Manufacturing, and Semiconductor industries, Revolution made by Filtr delivers the help that’s needed when it’s needed…now. Utilizing our proprietary Ultra-HEPA design, Revolution screens 99.7% of .02 micron particles on its first pass, essential for screening a .126 micron virus, delivering a crucial stopgap to the airborne air quality needs of pandemic-related patients and their on-site care providers. Revolution’s Bipolar Ionization option furthers your prevention solutions with Ozone-free negative ions that eliminate airborne and surface pathogens, creating safer clinical environment overtime for all.


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