Gym Ventilation: The Financial Difference


Gym Ventilation: The Financial Difference

Posted by FiltrScience on 02/22/2022

Does a gym’s ventilation really, truly matter? Sure, we would all prefer to work out in fresh air rather than stale air. But ventilation is an expensive part of a building’s infrastructure that is difficult to reconfigure. Not to mention sometimes impossible if the owner of the gym does not own the building. Isn’t it enough to open doors and windows and add some fans? At the end of the day, isn’t it the equipment, trainers, classes, community, and vibe of the gym that really matters?

While all those things are important selling points to get members in, what happens when members are not seeing the results they want? What happens in the long-term if their health is actually compromised by working out in a gym?

The reality is that no matter how much a gym staff works to keep a gym clean, fitness centers often have poor indoor air quality. This places stress on the heart and lungs and can make fitness efforts less effective.

So what is the financial impact of a fitness center’s poor air quality?

What Are People Looking For In A Gym

Through 2019, gym memberships have seen a steady increase. Predictably, memberships declined during 2020 but have since been on the rise again. While the pandemic might have temporarily hurt the industry, it also set a new groundwork: people are more invested in their health. For instance, in the last couple of years, there has been a 25% increase in app downloads around health.

Globally, the health club industry is a $96.7 billion industry – and that number is expected to rise.

While the availability of digital, at-home workout options has changed the landscape of fitness during COVID-19, people are still looking towards returning to gyms. This is especially true for high-end fitness advocates who are looking for the gym experience.

That being said, there are a number of things people are looking for in a gym that will encourage people to pay for the experience. In fact, 86% of people reported they would be more willing to spend 25% more for a good customer experience.

But what comprises a good customer experience? In the age of at-home workouts, people are looking for convenience. Gym-goers are also looking for community. Before COVID, 80% of gym-goers (mainly Millennials and Gen-Z) were looking for a community in their gym. At the same time, 63% of consumers expect customization options.

So what happens if you make everything about your gym incredibly convenient, customizable, and build a super cool community but lacks the air quality to match?

What Does Good Air Quality Mean For A Gym

The ideal consumer for many gym owners is someone who truly cares about their health. They are someone who is going to show up 4-7 times a week, attend classes, refer friends, and really give a darn about their health. At the end of the day, their health reflects back on their gym – your gym.

As we see this increasing trend of people being in tune with their health, it does not just involve their diet and exercise routine. People are learning more about their bodies. They understand the importance of everything they put into their bodies – including their lungs. The perfect member of a high-end gym will care deeply about a gym that goes the extra mile to ensure their air quality is excellent.

Beyond impressing members and showing how much you genuinely care about their health, exercising in clean air can potentially improve fitness results.

Breathing clean air has many benefits – which is why exercising outdoors is considered the best option many times. One of those benefits is cleaning your lungs. A healthy dose of oxygen can help the lung to dilate better and exhale more toxins. The increase of oxygen availability decreases the stress on your heart to get the oxygen to your cells, which is necessary for cellular respiration and the production of energy.

During exercise, the stress on your heart and lungs is already increased. But the stress imposed by a healthy level of exercise matched with good nutrition leads to improved health. Placing additional stress on those organs because of lack of oxygen will lead to them overworking. This can cause premature aging and wear on your organs. It can also make fitness efforts less effective in the short term.

So investing in the air quality of your gym means:

  • Improved member relationships,
  • More promotional points to set your gym apart,
  • Attracting health-oriented members who will invest in the gym they choose,
  • Potentially improved fitness results for your members,
  • And long-term health benefits for your members.


What Are The Financial Impacts Of Investing In Your Air Quality

This shows a filtr air purifier working releasing cleanroom grade air

As a business owner, it is important to acknowledge the power of potentially being able to raise membership prices by up to 25% for improving a client experience.

In 2021, the average monthly fee for a boutique gym was $50.03. If a gym charging that amount increased its prices by just 15%, the new monthly fee would be $57.53.

Gyms in the US have an average of 1,551 members. If they have invested members with a built-in community, a $7 monthly difference could potentially not matter. But let’s assume that with the price increase, this gym loses 10% of its members – which is a fairly drastic loss.

So let’s say this hypothetical gym was making $50.03 per member, which comes out to a gross revenue of $77,627.55 per month and $931,530.60 per year.

If they lose 10% of their members after a price increase, their new enrollment would be 1,396 at $57.53 a month. Their new gross revenue would be $80,311.88 per month and $963,742.56 per year.

So with fewer members, the gym would still increase its revenue each month. This is not to mention the impact this investment would have on the psyche of your members. If rolled out properly, this investment can solidify their brand relationship with you and encourage them to invite their friends to join.

Now, you might be wondering what this kind of investment would cost. Ventilation is a part of the infrastructure – and infrastructure is expensive. But the good news is that it is more affordable than you may think.

How To Affordably Get Clean Air In Your Gym

Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars to update your infrastructure, you can, instead, invest in a cleanroom-grade air purifier. This is a purifier designed with a HEPA filter that cleans the air to the point it could be used in a cleanroom.

And you can find that in the Filtr Revolution.

Currently, the Filtr Revolution is being used in Southern Oregon gyms, like Urban Fit. Southern Oregon is unique because it routinely suffers from poor air quality. In the Rogue Valley, in the winter, an inversion layer traps wood smoke from houses near the floor, hurting the Air Quality Index (AQI). In the summer and early fall, the area is known for horrible wildfire smoke. Such gyms like Urban Fit, which cater to active gym-goers with a boutique experience, understand the importance of air quality. On nice days, Urban Fit will open garage-style doors to increase ventilation. But even with these modifications, their AQI was still only moderate.

As you read this, the Filtr Revolution is at work in their gym, improving member experiences and outcomes.

So is the Filtr Revolution right for you? Contact us today to talk about your space and how we can make sure your air is as clean as possible.



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