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More than 35 years of Expertise

Filtr by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is taking their 35+ more years in the cleanroom and contamination control sector, and manufacturing equipment to improve the quality of life.

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Crossword Puzzle Answer Key


3. a generous donation was given to establish Medford's library (constructed in 1912) by this famous person who was one of American's richest people in history (last name) and led the steel industry.

6. This company is Oregon's first NIOSH certified company and manufactures contamination control equipment for cleanrooms worldwide.

7. a prominent river that runs through the valley.

10. One of Southern Oregon's beautiful natural parks, which is known as the deepest lake in the United States.

11. is a brand under Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions that manufactures N95 disposable respirators and air purification systems.


1. a famous landmark and mesa located in White City.

2. the city in which the airport resides in.

4. the name of a famous theatre (after a very famous playwright, poet and actor), located in Ashland, that was founded in 1935.

5. this mountain and its prominent peak can be seen to the east from the Rogue Valley and is often accompanied with snow during the winter to early summer season.

8. a cornerstone retail company of the Rogue Valley area that specializes in premium food and produces gifts.

9. Because of its rich and diverse climate, this product is produced in Southern Oregon and has 70+ varietals.


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