Monitor and control the air in any space to ensure
the safety for those you care for.

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School building factors that influence the transmission of specific infectious agents include the ventilation rate, humidity, filtration effectiveness, the cleanliness of surfaces, and the number, accessibility, and functional state of sinks and toilets (Bloomfield, 2001; Vernon et al., 2003)
Each day, about 55 million students and 7 million staff attend the more than 130,000 public and private schools in the United States. - CDC

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Identify the Culprits

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Be informed about your air and keep it under control
  • Four stage air purification
  • Pre-Filter
  • Carbon Filter
  • HEPA Filter (Cleanroom grade)
  • Bi-Polar Ionization
Have freedom and confidence knowing you are protected
  • N-95 Certified & exceeds N-95 test results
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Easier to breath

Revolution – Cleanroom Grade Air Purifier

Successful learning begins with a safe environment. Monitor and control the air around you. Rest assured that your air is protected while you work hard for others.

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Protecting those dedicated for the sake of others is vital. Wear a level of protection that will safeguard you while doing what’s important.


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