Create Your SOP Unique To Your Process


Create Your SOP Unique To Your Process

Posted by Nabi White on 08/23/2021

With Indoor Agriculture growing exponentially in size as an industry, to meet the consumer demand requires scaling up Operations. Along with scaling up Operations means bringing on more employees to perform the daily tasks many cultivators would often handle themselves. At a certain point, you’re simply going to be unable to keep track of who has to do what, and when. In order to ensure the quality, safety, and compliance of your final product at such scale, Indoor Agriculture can turn to processes and practices used in Food and Pharmaceutical manufacturing, which themselves are also highly-regulated industries. Standardizing processes, when performed correctly and consistently, will help your business continue to see success in a compliant marketplace, and give you the edge to fill the vacuum on retails shelves left by your competitors who thought they wouldn’t need such methods.

One such tool used in Food & Pharma is the Standard Operating Procedure, or SOP. This document allows supervisors and Cultivation Directors to determine the processes that need to be performed within tight tolerances, and is the instruction set for a task that one can perform without creating questions or opportunities for independent thinking. SOPs are always evolving and should be periodically reviewed; however, management should ultimately be able to hand such a document to one of their employees to complete with little to no additional context or clarity required. In effect, a soup-to-nuts instruction set for a given process.

We at Filtr believe that while purifying your air is a crucial step toward facility cleanliness, our experience in serving cleanroom environments makes us keenly aware that your Microbial Contamination Control Program should go well beyond simply installing a device and forgetting about the issue. A value-add to our customers, the whole-facility approach to Risk Management just like those used in other regulated industries can help you get a handle on the multi-level, multi-pronged attack on 1. How microbes enter your facility, 2. How they thrive in your facility, and 3. How they travel in your facility.

We welcome you to sign up for our FREE Webinar, Tuesday August 31st, at 10am PST, where we’ll be reviewing SOPs as a standard tool that you can incorporate into your facility’s overall scope of operations. Within the 45 minutes to an hour, you’ll learn who uses SOPs, what they are used for, what you need to prepare before your write one, the major parts of the SOP, and why they can sometimes fail. In short, operating with properly prepared, reviewed, and revised SOPs can give you peace of mind that processes can be handed off and performed as you want them to be and with little guess work in mind. The results of deploying SOPs in your facility include a more consistent and successful workflow, win positive effects on crop quality, yield, and other operations within your facility.

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