Connecting your Filtr Revolution to the iPhone and Android Apps


Connecting your Filtr Revolution to the iPhone and Android Apps

Posted by Nabi White on 06/01/2021

Getting our devices to communicate was designed with the intention of making our lives easier. However, getting our devices to actually communicate can also be the bane of our existence. While there are some necessary steps one must take to make sure we have better access to the data needs in our world, it shouldn’t have to be a big, stressful event. With that in mind, let’s walk through the basics of connecting your Filtr Revolution to your recently downloaded app.

You’ll need to begin by plugging in your Filtr Revolution and flipping the back switch to the ON position. From there, you’ll hold down the + and – buttons together for about five seconds, until the middle light is lit. You’ll know you’ve done it correctly when you see the green Status light blinking once per second. If you see a rapid blink, start again.

Next, we’ll begin the process of setting up the connection handshake between the Filtr Revolution and your location’s WiFi, so you can begin to receive Filtr Revolution data and alerts. Within the Filtr Revolution app home screen, you’ll see the plus button to add a new Filtr Revolution to your app. After you initiate adding a new Filtr Revolution, you’ll be asked for camera permissions to take a picture of the QR code and will be prompted to do so, which you’ll find on the back of your Filtr Revolution. You’ll then be asked to choose from a list of Networks found when pressing the WiFi icon, and what you’re looking for is the Filtr network that matches the last four characters of the Mac ID on your unit’s label. This in effect, would be the first hand of the connection handshake. You’ll return to the app and be prompted to find the local WiFi you want to be connected to, or in this case the second hand of the connection handshake. Choose the WiFi you usually connect to, enter any required passwords, and your Filtr Revolution will automatically complete the connection handshake, jump to your location’s regular WiFi, and now all of Filtr Revolution’s data and alerts can be sent through your local WiFi to your phone, with any alerts to conditions outside of your set ranges going to the email you registered with.

For those looking for more step-by-step instructions:

1.Ensure that the Revolution unit is not already connected to an access point (WiFi Status LED will be Off).

2.Hold down both the (+) and (-) buttons until only the center Fan Speed LED illuminates (will take 5 seconds) then release the buttons.

3.This will put the unit into Access Point Provisioning mode, and the Status LED will begin blinking at a rate of 1Hz (once per second). If the LED is blinking faster, the unit is in error mode instead of Provisioning mode. If the unit is in Error mode, cycle power to the unit and start again at Step 1.

4.Open the Filtr App and press the plus (+) image button.

5.On the presented screen, use the Settings button (if needed) to allow camera access for the Filtr unit.

6.Click the QR Scan button to open the camera, then scan the QR code located on the units Serial Label.

7.Scanning the QR code on the unit will bring a screen. Press the Wifi signal button to bring up a list of network connections.

8.Ensure that the Filtr Revolution is still in Provisioning mode, as indicated by the Status LED blinking at a rate of 1Hz (once per second).

9.Select the Filtr unit from the list of available network connections. The unit will disconnect from the device and initiate its own connection with the selected wireless router. The device may display a disconnection page or message; this is normal. Navigate back to the Filtr app. NOTE: If a credentials entry browser screen is shown, set the wifi settings for the Filtr wifi to disable Auto-Login: Go into Settings -> Wifi. Find the Filtr’s Wifi and tap the “i” next to it’s name. Toggle Auto-Join and Auto-Login to off. (In Android devices just tap “forget network”). NOTE: If credentials were entered into the browser screen (see Steps 11-13) and the Filtr LED stopped blinking, the Filtr may have been provisioned using a bypass process. Return to the app and press the Tool button in order to complete the process.

10.When connected correctly to the Filtr’s Wifi, a list of available networks will be shown. Select the Wifi network desired, then enter its password and the Name desired to be assigned to the new Filtr unit. Press the arrow button. NOTE: Filtr units can only connect to 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n access points.

11.In some phones a bypass process will be initiated and a browser screen will be shown instead. Enter the SSID of your Wifi router in the “Network Name” field, or click “Refresh” under Detect Device and select the Access Point to which the Filtr will connect. Enter the Wifi password and click “Connect”. NOTE: Users who use the obsolete browser method in order to provision the Filtr device will need to go to the provision module and scan the bar code then press the tool/setting button in order to pair the device.

12.The unit will disconnect from the phone or laptop and initiate its own connection with the selected Wifi router. The browser may display a disconnection page, this is normal. If all data was entered correctly, the last step of the provisioning process will be available.

13.The Wifi Status LED will turn a solid green when the connection is complete, indicating the connection to the Wifi router and cloud server. In some phones the Wifi selection screen will be presented again in order to assist in returning to the phones default Wifi settings.

14.After several seconds the Filtr app will refresh its list of connected Filtrs and the newly provisioned Filtr unit will be listed. The unit will respond immediately to Fan speed changes. However, it may take up to 10 minutes for the device to display as being online. Turning the unit off and back on will clear the offline status and all sensors will display active data.

You’ll know you were successful if you see A. The Status light lit as solid green, B. You see the Filtr Revolution on your list of devices in the app’s home screen (it will be displayed as the last four of the MAC ID, however that outward-facing name can be changed in the unit’s settings), and C. You are receiving sensor data in the graph portion of that unit on the app. If you missed a step, you can always start over by cycling the unit on and off, and if you need more detailed step-by-step instructions, you can download our Filtr Revolution manual, here.

Again, the ease of connected devices is for making information you need available at a moment’s notice. Sure, there is a process to get everything talking to each other, however Filtr strives to make it as easy on you as possible with clear-step-by-step instructions, but also through explaining what you’re actually doing to help make those directions easier to understand and apply. Should you need further help in getting your Filtr Revolution connected to your app, we certainly want to waste no time making sure you’re breathing cleanroom-grade air as soon as possible, and with that we invite you to visit our support page (LINK) for a more personalized set-up experience.


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