10 Health Benefits Of Breathing Clean Air


10 Health Benefits Of Breathing Clean Air

Posted by FiltrScience on 02/01/2022

Did your mother use to tell you to go play outside? It turns out that was some of the best advice she could have given you for your health! To understand all the benefits of clean air, we need to start with understanding how our cells function.

Our body uses oxygen in a process called cellular respiration. In short: cellular respiration transforms last night’s dinner into this morning’s run. Essentially, your cells take the oxygen from your bloodstream, break it down through cellular respiration, produce carbon dioxide, and release energy.

Clean air is not just refreshing – it is the foundation for all our activity and mobility. Sure, any air can suffice, but breathing in particles and toxins can hurt your health. On the other hand, breathing in clean air has many health benefits.

This image depicts a brain illuminated in the silhouette of a person, with waves emitting from the brain. This shows improved brain function, which is a benefit of breathing clean air.

Clean Air Helps Your Brain Function

Did you know that 20% of the oxygen you breathe goes straight to your brain? This is because your brain uses more oxygen than any other single organ. In fact, your brain can use up to 20% of your energy. Because oxygen is fundamental to energy production, it makes sense that a large chunk of your oxygen goes straight to the brain.

If we spend our time breathing in more toxins and less oxygen, our brains will suffer. In turn, breathing in clean, fresh air improves brain function because of cellular respiration. This can help you concentrate and focus more clearly.

Clean Air Can Make You Happier

Have you ever noticed that taking a walk in nature makes you feel happier? That’s no coincidence! Breathing in more oxygen can increase serotonin levels. Serotonin (the “happy hormone”) can naturally improve your mood.

Breathing Fresh, Clean Air Decreases Your Risk Of Airborne Illness

If you are breathing recycled, stale air or polluted air, you run the risk of exposure to airborne illnesses. To prevent exposure to germs, such as COVID-19, the CDC recommends ventilating with filtered outdoor air.

Fresh Air Can Clean Your Lungs

When you breathe in fresh, clean air, you expose your lungs to more oxygen. The increase in oxygen exposure makes your lungs dilate more. This increased dilation helps to clear out your lungs. As you breathe out, you exhale toxins from your body.

This strengthens your lungs and allows you to breathe easier. Stronger lungs (and heart) have a direct correlation to the impact of exercise. Strong, clean lungs allow you to take deeper, fuller breaths, which supplies your muscles with more oxygen. In turn, your muscles produce more energy!

Clean Air Can Lower Your Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

Because fresh, clean air contains more oxygen, breathing it can allow your heart to relax. If you are breathing stale, particle-filled air, you’ll be getting less oxygen, but your body will continue to need the oxygen for cellular respiration. In turn, that means your heart will need to pump harder to push enough oxygen into your bloodstream.

We naturally breathe more deeply when breathing fresh, clean air. This slowed, deeper breathing has also been proven to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Basically, this helps to open up blood vessels, allowing for easier blood movement and decreasing your heart rate.

This image shows a representation of a digestive system, with cogs helping it to function. It is symbolic of the improved digestion that is a benefit of clean air.

Fresh Air Can Improve Your Digestion

You might have realized this by now, but oxygen is pretty essential for the functioning of your body. Your digestive system is no different. Because breathing fresh air improves your oxygen intake, it can improve your digestion.

Not only is good gut health tied to mental health, but it is also important in weight loss. Without proper absorption, we cannot properly digest food and supply our bodies with needed nutrients. This leaves our body in a constant state of hunger, causing us to eat more.

Fresh Air Can Improve Your Mental Focus

Because breathing fresh air improves your brain function, it can improve your mental focus. When you are breathing fresh, clean air and your brain is getting the oxygen it needs, you can think more clearly and concentrate better.

Ironically, our schools have some of the worst indoor air quality. According to the EPA, 50% of schools in the United States know that they have poor air quality.

But another location that requires intense mental focus and often has poor indoor air quality are gyms. Gyms often lack proper ventilation, leading to stale air that lacks the amount of oxygen needed to properly fuel the brain and body.

Clean Air Can Help Respiratory Illnesses

Breathing in irritants – like dust and pollen – can worsen symptoms of respiratory illnesses like asthma. Studies showed that young people were 40% more likely to have an asthma attack on high pollution days.

This doesn’t just impact us outside. Pollution can enter your home, too. This is especially true in older buildings. Outdoor pollutants can filter in through cracks, old windows, poorly sealed doors, and more.

Breathing Clean Air Can Stabilize Your Mood

According to the APA, breathing in pollutants can possibly lead to depression. While it is widely published that air pollution can cause heart issues, recent studies have begun to connect it to decreased mental wellness.

But making sure your body has ample amounts of oxygen can encourage positive mental health.

Clean Air Can Also Help Normalize Sleeping Patterns

Did you know that deep breathing has been used to treat insomnia? Because breathing and oxygen play such an essential role in the autonomic nervous system, it impacts the way we sleep. Improving your oxygen intake through breathing clean air can normalize your sleep pattern.

How To Make Sure You Are Breathing Fresh, Clean Air

If you want to ensure that the indoor air you breathe is fresh and clean, it’s time to look into an air filter. Naturally, we recommend cleanroom-grade air, which requires cleanroom-grade air filters.

The good news is that it is no longer hard to find because we’ve brought these cleanroom air filters to the market for anyone to have. The Filtr Revolution has a cleanroom-grade, long-lasting HEPA filter. It has a total system efficiency of 99.995%.

What does this mean for you? The opportunity for improved physical and mental health wherever you spend your time.

Want to talk about what Filtr can do for your space? Let us know. We’d love to help.



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