All air purifiers operate, but how do you know they are working effectively?


All air purifiers operate, but how do you know they are working effectively?

Posted by Nabi White on 05/20/2021

You’ve purchased an air purifier, but you have no way of knowing whether or not it’s actually doing its job short of the claims made on the box, which was preprinted long before your unit went in it. Yes, it might be operating, but with mass-manufactured air purifiers, is it actually making a difference to the quality of the air you’re breathing? Poor air quality can have a detrimental effect on those who inhabit indoor spaces, and can persist despite what the tech specs state, which begs the question; how do you measure whether or not an air purifier is working effectively?

How A Scientist Would Determine If An Air Purifier is Working

You may, in many cases, be able to tell if an air purifier is working simply by feeling the quality of the air. If you suffer from allergies, your symptoms will be significantly reduced if an air purifier is doing its job correctly. That said, from a scientific point of view if an air purifier is functioning correctly, there should be a noticeable and (as we’re about to dive into) measurable difference in the air quality.

With the particle sizes air purifiers are purchased to remove being far smaller than can be seen by the naked eye, the Life Science community has access to special instrumentation that can be brought in to help validate efficacy claims. One such device is the Airborne Particle Counter, which is designed to count and size particles to indicate what is called the “particle pressure”, or the numerical representation of particle volume within the sampled air. A standard monitoring tool used to validate air quality in pharmaceutical cleanrooms, here are three such examples of Airborne Particle Counters measuring the real-time effectiveness of Filtr Revolution within a variety of everyday contexts.

With schools looking to reopen safely, two classroom settings were chosen, with Filtr Revolution verifying overall reduction rates of 84% and 97% of .2-2 micron particles after only an hour runtime. Testing where even larger amounts of people are gathered indoors, a live entertainment venue was also chosen, and demonstrated an 83.76% drop in particles again after only one hour of run time. Finally, people who work within critical industries also need to be safe from particles that can present health and occupational hazards. Airborne particle counting was conducted at an indoor agriculture facility, in this case confirming the workers enjoyed an 87% reduction of .2-20 micron particles, and again, after an hour of run time. While these results validate the efficacy of Filtr Revolution in short-term test scenarios, Filtr Revolution is specifically designed to run 24/7, meaning to leave it continually running will further exchange the room’s air volume, and as such continually reduce particle pressure by diluting your environment with ever-cleaner air.

How The Average Person Can Determine If An Air Purifier is Working

Thankfully, we don’t need to go through the steps a scientist would take to validate the quality of an air purifier. The Engineers at Filtr thought ahead to build monitoring capability into the unit, that one can read the results of at-a-glance, as well as set up alarm notifications to receive email alerts when particles exceed your pre-set thresholds. This gives Filtr Revolution users the ability to continually monitor the particle levels within their environment and validate everyone’s safety in near real time. Moreover, mass-produced air purifier manufacturers may validate the efficacy of their prototypes, but that often happens once, producing their air purifiers under the assumption that if they are made the same as the prototype, they will perform the same as the prototype. To give you, the consumer greater peace of mind, Filtr goes the extra step to test every single unit that comes off the production line before being boxed and shipped. Using the same previously mentioned Airborne Particle Counter technology on our factory floor, each Filtr Revolution is validated that it performs as advertised, with every Filtr Revolutions unit shipped including the testing certification for that specific unit. The result is knowing your Filtr undergoes an extra layer of quality assurance, you have proofed your unit performed to spec, and with that the confidence of knowing you, and those around you are protected, healthier, and as a result happier.

There a lot of air purification units out there, and many of them are produced under the assumption that if the first one worked, they’ll all work. Filtr takes its cue from the industries that operate at the highest airborne cleanliness standards in the world, which as one would expect, requires a heavy burden of proof. Thankfully, if you want to make sure that your air quality is operating as advertised, you don’t have to be a scientist, you simply need to own a Filtr Revolution.


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