3 Ways Air Quality Impacts Productivity


3 Ways Air Quality Impacts Productivity

Posted by FiltrScience on 04/11/2022

This is a recycled topic, but we will briefly break down poor air quality’s impact on our motivation and mental health. We’ll then dissect how improved air quality can improve your workers’ productivity and use numbers to show the financial impact of improved productivity.

3 Ways Air Quality Impacts Productivity

What if we told you that, with one affordable change, you could increase your workforce’s productivity by 11%? That’s right: one change will directly affect your bottom line. So what’s the change? Your air quality.

Air quality directly impacts productivity but is often neglected in the workplace. Yet, we have evidence that shows improvement in air quality has a positive impact on worker productivity in numerous industries. 

One reason many decision-makers neglect air quality is because they don’t realize it’s a problem. It’s an unfortunately accepted fact that offices and buildings are stuffy. They focus on adding lamps and plants. Sometimes even do entire remodels to make the space feel better. They shift their attention towards employee morale with fun events, paid lunches, and snacks on campus.

But what is all that effort worth if your employees’ brains are literally not functioning at their peak?

 A cartoon image of a brain that has arms and legs. The arms are lifting weights.

There are plenty of reasons why clean air has been linked to improved productivity. And the harsh reality is that improvement is capped if you don’t look at the fundamental aspects of the workspace.

The good news is that there is an easy, affordable, accessible fix for this problem. You don’t have to rip out and replace your ventilation and HVAC systems to improve your air quality. But first, let’s talk about why clean air improves your productivity.


Clean Air Improves Brain Function

Breathing clean air has numerous physical and mental benefits, but perhaps the foremost benefit related to productivity is improved brain function.

When you breathe clean air, your lungs dilate more which allows you to take in more oxygen. This allows your body to work more efficiently to get oxygen to your organs, including your brain! Since your brain gets more oxygen, it is able to function better.

To create energy, your cells undergo a process called cellular respiration. During this process, your body converts oxygen into energy. Thus, the more oxygen your body is able to easily supply to your cells, the more energy your cells will be able to quickly produce!

This is extremely important to your brain, which uses a lot of energy. At rest, your brain uses roughly 20% of your energy. In many workspaces, adults are at rest while working, meaning the primary organ using energy is their brain.

Clean Air Decreases Spread Of Illness

What is a great way to improve productivity? Keep your people feeling well and working! The last couple of years have taught us a lot, but one major lesson we can take away is how easily germs spread.

If some germs make their way into your office, having excellent ventilation that is the cleaning and filtering of the air will allow you to pull the germs out of the air. This decreases the spread of illness, keeping your employees happy, healthy, and working.


A man puts his head in his hands as he is surrounded by icons symbolizing stress, such as graphs, check lists, pencils, emails, and more.

Clean Air Boosts Mental Health

Breathing in polluted air has been linked to increased depression. On the other hand, breathing in clean air and more oxygen has been linked to the increased production of serotonin, the “happy hormone”. 

Mental health has an important tie to productivity. Not only do people work better when they are feeling motivated and present, but they miss less work. A 2016 study found that people with reportedly poor mental health missed 5% more work than others. 

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), unresolved depression leads to a 35% decrease in productivity. Annually, this means a loss of around $210.5 billion in the U.S. economy. While there are a number of contributors to depression, adding another reason to the list is unnecessary.

Additionally, breathing clean air just helps us feel better physically. It has been linked to lower heart rate and blood pressure. It helps your entire body function more efficiently! One of the surprising systems it impacts is the digestive system, which is a major producer of serotonin. 

Thus, not only will clean air help your employees to physically feel better, but also mentally better. This aids in focusing better and feeling excited to work!

Once realizing that air quality impacts productivity, cartoon men are bounding up an arrow indicating improved revenue in their business.

How To Improve Your Air Quality And Productivity

We promised you at the start of this article that the solution to your workspace’s air does not need to cost tens of thousands of dollars in renovations. There are simple, effective solutions.

One of these is an air filter. Air filters are simple to install, affordable, and linked to an increase in productivity.

Not all air filters are created equal and putting in the time to determine which is the best investment for your business might seem daunting. Is it really worth it? What are the numbers?

Well, according to Fellows, a workplace innovator for over 100 years, “Spending just $40 per person, per year on indoor air quality may result in a $6,500 increase in your employee productivity. With the total costs to the U.S. economy from poor indoor air quality ranging as high as $168 billion per year, taking simple and inexpensive steps ensures not only that your workers are healthier and happier, but that they are also more productive.


And here is the ultimate good news: the world’s clean air experts for over 40 years have now built an air filter specifically designed for use in the commercial and business workspace.


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Is this the right fit for you? We think so! If you want to know if the Revolution is right for you, contact us today.


May 17, 2022
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