How Air Purifiers Help With Seasonal Allergies


How Air Purifiers Help With Seasonal Allergies

Posted by FiltrScience on 03/14/2022

Ah yes, the Springtime… Trees burst with new buds, flowers begin to poke from the cold, Winter soil, and everything feels a little bit brighter…


But if you’re one of the more than 19 million people who suffer from seasonal allergies (or “hay fever”), this is the start of your Scrooge season. Allergy sufferers groan as they see the first flowers of the season.They avoid stores and businesses that keep their space open to the fresh outdoor air.  They retreat indoors and dose up on allergy medication.


How Allergy Medication Works

Those allergy medications don’t come cheap either. The allergy medication industry is worth over $18 billion. Not to mention, these medications are often a bandaid for the real issue.


Seasonal allergies (hay fever) is often caused by ragweed. Although many plants can cause allergies, this is one of the most common. Ragweed grows just about everywhere and produces pollen from August to November. If there is late rain or weather fluctuation, the exact season might change.


To appropriately treat seasonal allergies with allergy medication, you have to pre-treat. This means you need to start taking the medication a week or so before pollen becomes an issue. You also have to stay consistent with the medications for them to be effective.


Why do you have to pre-treat? While some allergy medications are steroids, the ones often considered the most effective are anti-histamines. When you have an allergic reaction, your body produces histamine in response to the particles. That histamine attaches to receptors on other cells and causes inflammation. The inflammation, in turn, causes the typical allergic reactions we see: coughing, difficulty breathing, runny noses, watery eyes, and so on.


Antihistamines prevent the histamine from latching onto those receptors. Thus, it prevents the allergic reaction symptoms. If, however, the histamine has already latched, the antihistamines won’t be as effective. Thus, pretreating is the way to avoid the symptoms.


Illustrated evergreen trees shed pollen particles with sinister faces depicted on them.

Prevention Instead Of Reactionary Seasonal Allergy Treatment

Unfortunately, when we look at treating seasonal allergies, we often forget about the importance of prevention. While the antihistamines might prevent your body from experiencing the symptoms, your immune system is still mistaking the particles for something sinister and triggering an allergic reaction.


To truly protect yourself, it is best to work to keep your space free of allergens in the first place.


Allergen particles – such as pollen – can make their way into your home or business through open doors and windows. While we love the benefits of breathing fresh air, exposing yourself to allergens can be harmful.


So how do you get the benefits of fresh air without harming your lungs? Enter an air purifier!

Why Should You Use An Air Purifier

You probably have an air filter in your HVAC system, but is it doing enough to prevent allergens from impacting your lungs? Well, to start off, your air filter is probably inside. So the particles have already made their way inside before they are filtered to go through your HVAC. Thus, you have already been exposed to the allergens before they are filtered.


Don’t get us wrong: the air filters do what they are supposed to do. But they mainly serve your HVAC system, not the air you are already breathing in your home. They also don’t provide powerful clean air options.


Air purifiers are an additional line of defense. They filter the air in your house quickly. It doesn’t have to go through the HVAC system to be filtered and they can offer better filtration. Additionally, if you are living or working in an older building without an HVAC system, an air purifier gives you fresh air without the infrastructure.


In short, they are a convenient, powerful way to bring the health benefits of fresh air inside – even during allergy season.


An illustration shows a number of open air stalls selling goods surrounded by trees that could cause seasonal allergies or hay fever.



Air Purifiers, Seasonal Allergies, & Your Business

If your business benefits from keeping your space open or if you have customers and employees with allergies, an air purifier can help keep your business a safe area for them. Consumers who live with seasonal allergies will especially benefit from this addition. They will notice and it will improve the customer experience.

According to the Pew Research Center, 73% of people see customer experience has an important part of their purchase decision. 

What did 2020 show us was a major component of the customer experience? Care and attention to their customer and employees’ health. According to a 2021 survey by MasterCard, 74% of consumers said they were more likely to buy from brands “that demonstrated concern and provided excellent care for customers during the pandemic.”


Looking at these trends, we can see that demonstrating care for health through compassion is a way to improve the customer experience, which will draw more people in and encourage them to work with you.



Which Air Purifier Is Right For You?

An image of the Filtr Revolution, a cleanroom grade air purifier that can help gyms get the benefits of outdoor exercise indoors.

When choosing your air purifier, you should consider a few things:

  • How large is the room or area you want to purify?
  • Do you have other air purification tools at work?
  • What is the general Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in your space?
  • How clean do you want your air?


We recommend getting your air as clean as possible. This means using an air purifier that is able to filter out large pollen particles but also small virus particles.


And that is exactly what the Filtr Revolution is designed to do.


Built by the world’s clean air experts, Filtr’s Revolution air purifier brings cleanroom-grade technology and filters into your space. So your air can be as clean as some of the cleanest areas available.


It is currently used in small businesses, schools, official buildings, and more to help people experience the benefits of breathing clean air, promote health, and, of course, decrease allergic reactions. 

Is the Revolution right for you? Learn more about it today.


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