Air Purifier: Revolution featured on Univision PR with Jugando Pelota Dura


Air Purifier: Revolution featured on Univision PR with Jugando Pelota Dura

Posted by Nabi White on 12/23/2020

FILTR’s Revolution Rx / Revolution 700 was featured on Univision PR with Jugando Pelota Dura. Luis Baez from ISPV, Inc., highlights our focus on delivering Cleanroom Grade Air to your space with our industrial air purifier.

He explains the advantages and benefits on how this air purifier will assist you in reducing the biological burden in your space. The Revolution Rx / Revolution 700 will eliminate dust, smoke, molds, bacteria, and viruses down to .01 micron. The air purifier captures critical virus sizes ranging from .08 micron to .126 micron and the airborne dust and water droplets they travel on. This is accomplished by combining a propriety filtration matrix that doubles the capturing capability with up to 98 sq. ft. of HEPA filter media along with a motor assembly that exchanges the air within confined spaces. This competes in performance against other air purifiers on the market.

Learn more by watching out featured video on Univision PR:


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