Will An Air Purifier Protect You From Illnesses, Like COVID?


Will An Air Purifier Protect You From Illnesses, Like COVID?

Posted by FiltrScience on 06/07/2022

Do you know more about how illnesses and diseases spread now than you did two years ago? Many of us do! Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we had basically no choice but to learn about the different ways that illness spreads and what we can do to prevent that spread.

But as restrictions loosen and we return to offices and other public spaces, how can we continue to avoid getting sick? Is there a way to continue to casually protect ourselves and others? There’s no way to deny that being around people does increase exposure to all kinds of potential illnesses other than COVID, like the flu and common cold. And no one likes to be sick!

Avoiding illnesses starts by understanding how diseases are transmitted. Once you have that basic understanding, you can take steps to avoid getting sick in different ways.

How Illnesses Spread

Germs are bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that exist at a microscopic level. That tiny microbe needs something to carry it in order to infect someone.


One way microbes can spread is through droplets. Whether it is a droplet big enough to see or small enough to escape notice, these droplets come out of our ears and mouths usually. They also enter through the nose and mouth, but sometimes eyes, as well. Face masks are often used to stop droplets from spreading illnesses.

Two hands touch under a magnifying glass, showing how many germs are being passed between them.


Hands are another big perpetrator of carrying illnesses. We will touch our mouth or nose, get the virus on us (usually because of droplets, also) and then touch someone or something else.

Germs can live on different surfaces for varying amounts of time. For example, the COVID-19 virus can survive on clothing for around 2 days but 7 days on metal and plastic surfaces. This means that if you touch something with an infection present (your face or a different contaminated surface) and then touch yourself, you can infect yourself. If you touch someone else, you can infect them. If you touch a surface, you can spread the virus to that surface, which someone else can later touch.


Germs are sometimes small enough that they can catch a ride on air currents. These air currents move them to other spaces where people breathe them in and get infected.

How To Protect Yourself From Illness

Because illnesses can be transmitted in different ways, we have to fight them in different ways. To best avoid getting sick, you’ll most likely need a small – but very doable – lifestyle adjustment.

For instance, avoid touching your face!

Germs can enter your body through your mouth, nose, and eyes. If you have germs on your hands but don’t touch your face, you will most likely avoid spreading those germs to your body. But touching our face is a daily practice for many of us. We unconsciously rest our chin on our hand or rub our eyes or touch our mouth as we yawn. This simple adjustment can feel cumbersome at first but goes a long way towards protecting you from viruses.

Next, you can regularly wash your hands.

While sanitizing will kill bacteria, it will not always kill viruses. Vigorously washing your hands with soap for twenty seconds will physically remove microbes that are present. This is one of the best ways to protect yourself – and others, too! If you pick up a germ on your hand from a doorknob, shared pen, or any number of other surfaces, you can prevent spread by washing your hands.

As a side note: wearing gloves will prevent germs from getting on to your hands, but they become an extension of your hands. Germs will still stick to them and they should be regularly changed and you should still not touch your face. They will still move germs around.

One hand gets soap while another hand gets a drop of hand sanitizer.

Third, regularly sanitize surfaces!

Because germs can end up on surfaces, especially shared or commonly touched surfaces, regular sanitization or wiping down prevents people from picking up germs from them.

Fourth, make sure you are breathing clean air!

Clean air has so many mental and physical health benefits – and one of those benefits includes preventing airborne illnesses. You can spend more time outside, where contaminated air is quickly whisked away, but that is not always practical.

So how can you bring the cleanness of outdoor air inside?

An air purifier!

Dirty air enters an air filter and exits clean out of the other side.


Using An Air Purifier To Protect From Illnesses

Air purifiers work by pulling air into them, filtering particles and contaminants out of the air, and then returning it to the room. The CDC cites them as an effective source for removing contaminants from the air, including the COVID-19 virus – which does include illnesses.

Now how can you make sure you have an air purifier that goes above and beyond to prevent illnesses?

We recognized that air purifiers work well for the air, but surfaces still posed an issue. That is why we put our 40+ years as the world’s clean air experts to work to bring to the world an air purifier that does not just clean the air, but also cleans the surface.

That’s right: Our Filtr Revolution air purifier not only purifies the air but also your surfaces. Using state of the art technology, the Revolution is able to sanitize your surfaces, going one step further in preventing illnesses.

As we resume our lives and start to gather and operate in public like we once did, we believe it is important and possible to casually continue to protect our health. Without a fuss or muss, this simple addition to your workplace or home will go a long ways towards preventing illness.

Not just preventing illness… But giving you confidence to re-enter the world.

Learn how the Revolution can give you the confidence to resume life as we once knew it today.


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