Air Purifier – 2020 Top Industrial Filtration Solution Provider!


Air Purifier – 2020 Top Industrial Filtration Solution Provider!

Posted by Nabi White on 12/23/2020

Providing cleanroom grade HEPA filtered air to homes, hospitals, indoor farming, retirement communities, daycare facilities and more, FILTR by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions now brings the same technology and benefits currently found in Pharmaceutical and Aerospace manufacturing facilities to the civilian market. FILTR provides a safe and contaminant free environment by utilizing cutting-edge engineering concepts to provide peace of mind and the choice to create and enjoy contaminant-free air.

FILTR by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions are experts at eliminating dust, smoke, molds, bacteria, and viruses down to .01 micron and now targeting the critical virus sizes of the day (.08-.126 microns and the airborne dust and water droplets they travel on) by combining a propriety filtration matrix that doubles the capturing capability with a motor assembly that exchanges the air within confined spaces at double the rate of other air exchange HEPA filtration units on the market. A crucial weapon in the battle for airborne cleanliness, FILTR by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions becomes an essential aid to typical wipe-down disinfection protocols by capturing offending particles BEFORE they settle on surfaces helping to further prevent touch transmission and remediating potential problems while entering indoor environments.

Providing both prevention and detection, Immuno-compromised users and front-line workers may be present within the same air space fully knowing that within minutes, the air within the largest part of any room (empty air volume) is continually exchanged. This high exchange rate of HEPA filtered air is essential to helping prevent strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, and other issues linked to more critical pathogens. With outright removal of pathogens, FILTR by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is the surest way for preventing harm when compared to UV-based sanitizing practices. Users will have the ability to stay ahead of the curve on potential particle outbreaks even during less overwhelming times thanks to an app-controlled Particle Mass Detector, a standard in measuring air quality.

Filtering particles down to .01 micron, supplementing the cleanliness of air volume for HVAC systems that underserve indoor environments, and the capability to detect problems as they occur is the FILTR by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions advantage. A wise option for any indoor environment, FILTR by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions became the natural choice for Manufacturing Technology Insights Magazine as a Top Industrial Filtration Solutions Provider, and the obvious solution for 24/7/365 protection critical areas and critical people.

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