Adapting to a compliant market.


Adapting to a compliant market.

Posted by Nabi White on 06/09/2021

Indoor Cultivation experts who profited in more traditional markets can sometimes have a hard time adjusting to the age of compliance testing. It was a game of volume with zero accountability, and end-user, Legalization voters thought it would just be raining weed in the streets with no thought as to how their herb gets to a legal, retail market.

So, we can either:
A. Cry about the problem as we microbe fail our way out of business, or
B. Suck it up and get into solution mode by having your indoor cultivation facility adopt proven and mandatory practices used in Food and Pharma manufacturing to run a cleaner facility that keeps problems out, catches them just as they’re starting, and removes them with extreme prejudice.
Most of us got into this industry because rules weren’t a thing, however it helps to adopt the context that all of this is:

1. The key to better yields and consistent profitability.
2. Knowledge that gives you an edge over the competition to take more space on dispensary shelves.
3. What can give you the upper hand in negotiating, should a buyer come knocking to purchase your now turnkey facility.

In the meantime, indoor cultivation facilities need to broaden their awareness of potential risks as well as where to find potential solutions. One significant risk that effects critical operations environments the world over is airborne contamination. Airborne contamination is often the start of your microbial issues as spores, pollens, and bacteria-laden dusts are continually traveling throughout your air. In fact, where airborne contamination finally settles to begin its reproductive cycle can often be quite far away from where the pathogen started from! To mitigate this risk, many will deploy grow room air filters and grow room air purifiers as a means of capturing and removing those airborne particles that can lead to visible outbreaks down the road. A grow room air purifier such as FILTR uses the same filtration methods deployed in Cleanroom environments, which must be as free from airborne contamination as possible to properly manufacture the cures and treatments so many of us trust on a daily basis.

While a grow room air filter is an essential tool to prevent the spread of plant pathogens, the grow room air purifier is merely a tool in the higher-level operational architecture of preventing problems from entering and thriving in the first place. If you Google and YouTube the terms “Pharma cGMP”, “21 CFR Part 211”, and “USP 797”, you’ll see the standards for building and operating cleaner starts at the beginning of your process. Simply put, a quick a broad-level solution is deploying products like a grow room air purifier in places where people are in contact with product and will help keep problems at a minimum when used at every step along the way. Again, look up how the big boys do it, and deploy their level of solutions like the FILTR grow room air filter!

For more information on Filtr Revolution and how a grow room air filters, along with better building and cleaner operations, can help keep your plants and process safe, visit our product page.


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