4 Steps To Put Your Air Purifier In The Right Spot


4 Steps To Put Your Air Purifier In The Right Spot

Posted by FiltrScience on 05/24/2022

Have you felt fatigued lately? Headaches? Persistent cough? A bit of depression? Those symptoms do have something in quality: poor air quality. Air quality has important impacts on our health and many are working to improve their air quality. For example, through the use of an air purifier. This is an excellent way to provide clean, healthy air, but if you don’t position your air purifier correctly, it can impact how well it works.

Whatever environment you are using your air purifier in – retail settings, offices, classrooms, homes, and many more – you will want to follow a few basic steps when choosing your air purifier’s location.

Step 1) Find your highest contamination point

While this might feel like there is a lot of science behind this first step, you can use your senses to determine this!

Is there a place where the air smells particularly bad? Or a spot where you notice your lungs feel especially irritated? Can you actually see some pollutants, like mold?

In the situation where there is not one remarkable spot, consider where you know contamination is coming from. Pollutants come from a number of common indoor sources, like pet dander, candles, wood-burning fireplaces, people, and cleaning products. Depending on the time of year, a lot of contaminants might come from outside in the form of allergens or smoke particles.

If you can identify where contaminants are most likely being generated or brought into the room, put the air purifier near there!

Pro-tip: While it might feel like the highest contamination point and most convenient placement is in a high moisture environment, like a staff kitchen or bathroom, we recommend avoiding these environments. Moisture makes air heavy which stifles the machine’s efficiency and reduces the lifetime of the filter. This is especially important if you are using a very fine filter, like a purifier with a HEPA filter.

A man stands in a living room with an air purifier placed in the right location.

Step 2) Identify the right height for your air purifier

Air flows in two directions: horizontally and vertically. It moves horizontally through the room from different sources (think windows and doors). It also moves vertically because of slight air temperature differences. Hot air rises, which creates an imperceptible upward movement of air.

In your space, consider where windows, doors, and vents are. Think about the contributors to airflow.

Then make sure your air intake is 3-5 feet off the ground to intercept the air flows. Some air filters are large enough to achieve this on their own; others will need to be set on a table.

Step 3) Find your strongest airflow point

As we mentioned, air moves in two directions. But it will be stronger in some areas than others, such as near windows and doors and along walls. You will want to use your air purifier in a location with a high airflow. This will ensure the most air possible goes through your air purifier to be cleaned and then re-enter its natural cycle.

As a note here: corners do not have good airflow. While we often think about disguising our air purifier so it blends seamlessly, this can mean shoving it in a corner. This will hurt its functionality, though. Corners have low airflow and prevent it from working as well as it can.

Step 4) Remove obstructions

Along the lines of trying to disguise the air purifier, we can often stick it behind furniture or plants. These obstructions can prevent airflow, though. You want the space around your air purifier to be free of any obstacles.

So now that you know the basic steps to identify where and how to place an air purifier, where is an ideal spot in different environments?

In The Office

In an office, air purifiers should usually be placed near a desk. If the air purifier is very small, it should be placed on the desk to take advantage of air flow. This is where it will benefit the employee the most, too.

In A Retail Space

Space is a commodity in a retail environment, but if you are investing in an air purifier for the safety of your staff and customers, it will be well worth the effort to make room for it. We recommend placing it near the door with the highest traffic, but not right at it. While keeping obstructions away from the purifier might be difficult in this situation, we recommend keeping it in the path of the highest traffic.

In A Classroom

Schools are usually quite old buildings, so spend some time exploring your classroom to notice if there is any location where the air feels particularly bad. From there, identify where the kids create the most traffic and place the air purifier near there. We recommend about 10 to 15 feet from the door in the aisle of heaviest traffic.

In The Home

Homes are tricky when placing an air purifier because they are so compartmentalized. We can eliminate a few rooms because of higher humidity, such as bathrooms and the kitchen. If you’re looking to sleep better, you might want to put the air purifier in the bedroom. But if you are looking to improve overall air quality, put the air filter where you spend the most time, like the living room or family room.

: An illustration depicts the flow of air through an air purifier: dirty air enters the intake at the bottom and exits as clean air at the top.

What Is The Right Air Purifier For You?

Placing the air purifier is a very important part of the process, but do you know how to truly take advantage of your air purifier? Move it frequently! If you move it around, you will spread the benefits it has to offer.

But if you are going through this effort with the wrong filter, it’s all for naught.

The good news is that we’ve made the choice easy for you. We took 40+ years of experience as the world’s clean air experts and designed an air purifier built to bring cleanroom-grade air into your space.

No matter your space… The Filtr Revolution’s got your back.


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